04 mayo, 2011

Welcome to My Blog and Welcome to English Level 3

This my homework xD this's my presentation and presentation the my friends :3 my section is N311 but i go to section H312 because i can't go to class on monday.

Hello, my name is Arlette Salas but I change my last name to Chambers because means the same but cuter. You can call me Arl if you wish. I’m 19 years old and study informatics engineering at URBE. My favorite subjets are all those directly related to my career such as algorithm and programming, etc.
The things i love are:
  • My mom
  • Video games
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Coca - Cola 
  • Sponge Bob *-*
  • Lady Gaga *-*
  • Music in Korean :3
  • Everything that is chocolate
  • Green color
  • Abstract things
  • Geek Things
  • Study
  • Read
  • Go out with my mom or my friends
  • Parties
  • Share
  • Watch movies
  • Listening to music
  • Practice the things I like 
  • Surfing in internet
  • Download cool things 
  • Go to forums and events related to the free software and open source.
I dislike the closed minded people. I dislike those evangelicals’ people who believe they have gained heaven and insult the people that does not belong to they sect. I dislike the hypocrisy, the injustice, animal abuse. I dislike leave the internet, etc. 

My dreams are: 
  • Travel around the world 
  • Learn many languages 
  • Finishing the war in the world 
  • Job in Maxis n’ Electronics Arts 
  • Get to know Bill Gate n’ Richard Stallman

My opinion about the English is simples, do not know and you will close many doors in my life.

 He's José in the middle, she's Suraidi in the left and i'm Arlette in the right.

I will describe Suraidi.

She's Suraidi, she's from Maracaibo, she live in "La Pomona". She's a student from Law School and she's 28 years old. She loves to call me "gorda" xD

Her lovely things: 
  • Study
  • Go out with her boyfriend, family and friends
  • Watch movies
  • Coca - Cola
  • Coffee
  • Travel 
  • Share

Her hate/dislike things:
  • Injustice
  • English xD 
  • Etc

Her dreams is travell around the world and learn about different cultures.
Her opinion on the english is "I hate the english but i know should learn because I wanna travel around the world and for that, the english, is very important".

Here I leave my favorite video in this week
Enjoy ^^!
This video is "Judas" by Lady Gaga, is a fantastic video. 

That's it for today
Thanks for reading
See you in next post

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